Promo Redemption

Thanks for redeeming your promotion.

Once you've shared the items require under the terms and conditions of the promotion your application will be assessed. We will confirm your eligibility and share your gift card within 1 week. 

You can find the full terms and conditions for the promo below.

Terms & Conditions


Digital Dealership USA Inc DBA / Carsfast 

(or a Related Entity)

Participation – general Participation in the Promotion is available to:

(a) single person participants; and

(b) multiple person participants.

Participation – residency restriction

For single-person participants, participation in the Promotion is only available to residents of the United States Of America.

Participation – age restriction

For single-person participants, participation in the Promotion is only available to persons over 18 years of age

Promotional Period

9 am PT on 01 January 2022 to 5 pm PT on 28 February 2022.

Participation Requirements

To participate in the Promotion, each participant must:

successfully enquire on a vehicle available on

Purchased a vehicle from the dealership within the promotional period.

Have completed all sales requirements with the dealership to form a completed sale.

Be able to produce proof of purchase “evidence” in line with the evidence requirements outlined in this document. 

Have filled out the rebate form available at


A rebate of $200 is available to those who satisfy the terms and conditions of this promotion. 

The rebate will be paid as a visa gift card.

Limitations On Incentives

There is only one Incentive available per unique (VIN identified) vehicle sale. The rebate is linked to the vehicle sale and not the amount inquiries any number of participants placed on it.

Each participant is permitted to receive multiple Incentives during the Promotional Period if they can satisfy the participation requirements across multiple vehicle purchases. 

In the event a participant assigns its rights under the contract of sale or nominates a new purchaser to complete the contract of sale, the participant will not be eligible to receive the incentive.

Evidence Requirements

To meet the evidence required to redeem the rebate a participant must supply a document via the form that:

Matches the name, cell phone, and other information that was supplied with the inquiry on prior to the contract purchase date.

Matches the dealership that the vehicle inquired on was present at. 

Is dated inside the applicable promotional period.

Shows the purchase as final and complete.

Shows the vehicle titled in the participant's name.